Photographing York Minster during the 'Beast from the East' snowstorm

It was snowing hard with a really strong wind, and the temperature felt well below freezing but I hoped I might be able to get some interesting photos if I went into the city centre. The roads were covered in snow and devoid of traffic - I was the only one crazy enough to try driving in those conditions (although having a Land Rover helps)!

I set up to the side of the imposing York Minster cathedral. Unfortunately this area always becomes a bit of a wind tunnel and so the tripod and camera kept getting blown over so I had to hold onto them tightly. The camera had a plastic shopping bag wrapped over it to keep it dry, and I had ski gloves on to try and maintain some feeling in my hands.

Out of nowhere, these four ghostly figures appeared, walking past the front of the Minster. I quickly got my gloves off, whipped of the bag, and managed to snap a few images before the snow covered the lens. One of the people in the picture saw the image on Twitter and got in touch - they were heading to a local pub for a pub quiz and nothing, not even the ‘Beast from the East’ was going to stop them!